Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mozambique and the Cowarts--July 2008

Here are some pictures from July 2008 when our friends the Cowarts came to visit us from Atlanta. While they were here we got to take a trip to Mozambique. We went into Maputo, the capital city, and visited the beach for a while. Too bad it was really too cold to swim... :(

I still haven't got the formatting down on this thing, so I'm going to explain the pictures up here. :)

This first picture is of Anne in my Red Sox hat.

The next pic is of my dad passing out John &
Romans to all of those people who all wanted
us to buy their curios.

The third pic is of Gordon on this concrete island
thing that jutted out into the sea. I'm not sure
what it's supposed to be but it was pretty cool.

And the last pic is of most of the Badgetts, 2
of the Cowarts (Mrs. Tammy and Garrett) and
many of our church members.

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