Monday, March 16, 2009

More people pictures from Sunday March 15

Alright you guys, I'm really sorry I didn't post more pictures last week like I said, but here they finally are--more pictures of people from our church. All of these were taken yesterday.

This is the taxi that comes to get our people every
Sunday after church, sometimes the taxi is a bit
bigger, but this is the type of taxi you will see all
over South Africa.

The lady in this picture is Marie. The older girl
to her right (our left) is her neice Rose, and the
smaller girl beside Rose is Primrose, and she just
stuck herself in this picture. :)

The other two kids are Nhlanhla and Junya
(he's in the middle). All of these people come from
the farm except Primrose--she really is a ham for
the camera.

This is Terry, he is Gracious's son, one of
our church members.You can see a picture of
her with mom and Marie from the Family Fellowship post.

This is Jessica, she has just recently started
coming to church. Here she is holding her John & Romans
and New Testament. We give out the John &
Romans free then if they read that all the way
through, we give them a New Testament. If they
read the NT, we give them a whole Bible.

And lastly, 3 boys that come to church, they're cousins:
(L to R): Siyabonga, Lunga, and Mzwake.

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Amanda said... looks like they are very photogenic!