Saturday, July 31, 2010

KYB: July 2010

This month we had KYB club! KYB means Know Your Bible Club, and is essentially the same thing as Vacation Bible School. Our church's evangelist Mike Neilson came to direct the events throughout the week. Every day from Monday to Friday we would play games, sing songs, earn points, memorize verses and listen to teaching from 3 teachers a day! In the end, 15 children were saved, and our church attendance has been growing ever since. Here are some photos of KYB:

Memory Vacation 2010

This year our family took a trip to Ramsgate, south of Durban for a few days. Here's the photos!

FIFA World Cup 2010

This year, the biggest event in South Africa was the World Cup. Dad says it's not because of the soccer, but because God is bringing about 1 million people from around the world just to receive God's word. That was the main focus of the World Cup this year, as we were passing out about 23 000 John & Romans in Nelspruit during 4 of the 64 games being held in June and July. FIFA had organized Park & Ride areas in each host city, where all people attending games would be filtered through here to get to the stadium. This allowed us to pass out these J&R at many different points in Nelspruit. Our church had lots of help from 3 other Independent Baptist churches from Mpumalanga, making it a great time for fellowship. Anne and Gordon were blessed enough to go to a game or two. Gordon went to the Italy vs New Zealand game (ITA-1; NZ-1), and both Anne and Gordon went to the Australia vs Serbia game (AUS- 2; SER- 1). The game was loud with the buzzing drone of Vuvuzelas that never stopped, even after the game. Enjoy the pictures (Notice the Giraffe shaped columns around the Mbombela Stadium:)

Cover of the John & Romans

2009 Mshadza Tent Revival

Pastor's Fellowship

Evang. Mike Neilson
Happy being happy
Dad & Ps. Broyhill
My Friend Sphe (pro. Spay)
Evang. Bill Smith
The Tent

Last year October, our church had a big tent revival in Mshadza. Among the visitors were our home church's Pastor- Ps. Kevin Broyhill, Mike Neilson family, Bill Smith family, Mike Ferus family, and others from local Baptist churches. The revival lasted from Sunday to Sunday, with a children's service directly after school and a main service in the evening. Other events during this time were the Pastor's Fellowship and Ladies Meetings. All in all, nearly 100 people were saved, and the Calvary Baptist Church of White River made its mark on the local township, impacting souls for Christ.

Kruger: Animal Sightings Record

Just to get an idea of what we see when we go through Kruger National Park, we made a record of everything we saw. This was one of our most successful trips ever, with the exception that we did not see a lion :( But the list is amazing!

July 26-27, 2010:
0     Lion
2     Leopard
97   Elephant
5     Rhino
6     Buffalo

550+  Impala
47      Kudu
4        Bushbuck
27      Waterbuck
1        Klipspringer
2        Steenbok
52      Wildebeest
80      Zebra
26      Giraffe
11      Hippo
6        Warthog
33      Baboon
21      Vervet Monkey
15      Dwarf Mongoose
13      Wahlberg's Fruit Bats
5        Turtle
1        Blue-Headed Tree Agama
1        Fish Eagle
2        Tawny Eagle
2        Brown Headed Parrot
21      Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbill
19      Cape Glossy Starling
2        Pied Kingfisher
53      Guinea Fowl
4        Grey Go-Away Bird
1        Yellow-Billed Stork
1        Grey Heron
3        Hamerkop

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kruger Pictures: Day 2

Interested Giraffe
Elephants cooling off in the water
Giant Baobab in Kruger
Looking out on the park
A leopard with an impala in the tree

Agitated mothers don't like our car
Our house for the night
Steenbok, small antelope

Kruger Pictures: Day 1

Elephants stirring up the riverbed dust at sunset
We followed this leopard walking on the road for 1 km
Pied Kingfishers
1 of 135 000 Impala in the park
Fruit Bats, hanging on the ceiling
An old Cape Buffalo
Klipspringer, a small antelope

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brek's Trip: Post #1

Mom and Gordon at Berlin Falls: 45 m (150 ft)

Anne and Dad were lucky enough to pet the lions through the fence
Some REALLY hungry cheetahs, 1 was eying a lil boy!
God's Window
Gordon at Blyde River Canyon
All of us at Mac Mac Falls

Anne at the Potholes
Brek at Blyde River Canyon

Mac Mac Falls, also about 150 ft
Blyde River Canyon
The Three Rondawels (means hut) at Blyde River Canyon

Anne and Gordon as rebels lol

Dad and Anne enjoying the view
Gordon feeding a vulture
Touching a baby black rhino. Weight? only 120 kg (260 lbs)
Anne, Gordon, & Dad all touched this leopard. Fur is SOFT
Honey Badgers, the most dangerous animal in the world

We've been acting like tourists while our long-time family friend is here in South Africa to visit, and it's been so much fun seeing and doing things we don't normally do! We've gone to the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre in Hoedspruit, visited the Blyde River Canyon (3rd biggest in the world), Bourke's Luck Potholes, a few big waterfalls, and more. I'm (Gordon) posting pics from all the bustle.