Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Smiths, Preacher Rob and Kaapsehoop

Here is a post I meant to do a while ago... as in when I actually took these pictures. BUT I never did...

Our evangelist friends the Smiths were visiting us with 2 other guys from the Porter's church near Witbank (they're BIMI missionaries too) this past March. Bro. Smith has 7 children, ages ranging from 17 to 3--I think. Anyway we have a lot of fun with these guys, and while they were here we got to take a trip to Kaapsehoop which is about 45 minutes away from White River.

Kaapsehoop is a very small town, but it is famous for the wild horses that roam the area. There are also many crafty people living there and several pancake restaurants.

Preacher Rob (one of the guys from the Porter's church) preached for our Wednesday night service that week.

Getting close to the "wild" horses. They came right up to us, we guessed it was probably because so many people feed them.

Bethany, me, Leah and Ashley

I liked this dog at the pancake restaurant we went to.... he was just chillin out underneath one of the tables :). And he was the neatest mix... looks like a spaniel mixed with a hound or something.

Here is a bowl I really wanted at the shop of a lady who makes pottery. There was another lady who hand made really beautiful jewelry.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother's Day Luncheon

Hi everyone... I know it has been way too long since I have posted anything, so hopefully the rest of this week I'll try to catch you guys up.

The main reason for the wait has been because of our moving. Hopefully tomorrow I'll go around and take pictures of our new house!
But for now, here are some pictures from our Mother's Day Luncheon that we had May 10.
It went really well. The men served the ladies, we didn't have to do anything! It was really awesome :).. but now all the men are saying, yeah... we can't wait to get the same thing on Father's Day!

One of the guys, Given, wrote this on the board.. he's very artisic!

They set the tables so nicely!

Mom and Gracious

Maureen and Lineth

Mom teaching (or preaching - as dad joked) the lesson.

I thought I'd put in some older pictures here at the end.....
These are from when dad was chairman of the Red Cross Society here in White River.
This was his only meeting, where they decided to close it down and from then on work from the Nelspruit chapter.
Now we are praying that the Municipality will let us stay at the Red Cross for the same yearly rent that they had it-- 13 Rand... which is a little less that $1.30!