If you were wondering what our vehicle looks like, so were we when we arrived in South Africa in 2007. My dad says we might not have gotten it if it we knew what it looked like, but also that there is no better car for what we have been using it for. The Toyota Venture is a 1994 model, and designed to seat 10 passengers, but we have been able to fit 20 on occasion! It has been nick-named the Zanzivan because the colour of the paint is "Zanzibar Blue". We've used it for our family travelling, church transport, hauling heavy duty materials, etc. But the most important work it has been used for is it's bringing the many people to hear God's Word. Here are some pics of the workhorse in action!

Planting a garden for an orphanage
Dropping off from Church
Trekking through downtown Maputo, Mozambique
Herding cattle (just kidding)
Getting water at the river for the cement mixer
Bringing people to the Tent Revival
20 people- 1 trip!