Saturday, July 31, 2010

2009 Mshadza Tent Revival

Pastor's Fellowship

Evang. Mike Neilson
Happy being happy
Dad & Ps. Broyhill
My Friend Sphe (pro. Spay)
Evang. Bill Smith
The Tent

Last year October, our church had a big tent revival in Mshadza. Among the visitors were our home church's Pastor- Ps. Kevin Broyhill, Mike Neilson family, Bill Smith family, Mike Ferus family, and others from local Baptist churches. The revival lasted from Sunday to Sunday, with a children's service directly after school and a main service in the evening. Other events during this time were the Pastor's Fellowship and Ladies Meetings. All in all, nearly 100 people were saved, and the Calvary Baptist Church of White River made its mark on the local township, impacting souls for Christ.

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