Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Memory Vacation 2009 (part 2)

This post concludes our vacation... We came home after our trip to the Drakensburg so that we could be at our church for Easter, then we got to go camping at the beach! It was the prettiest beach I have ever been to. We left Monday the 13th and it took us pretty much all day to get there because there was a lot of road construction. But as we are missionaries... we are very accustomed to looong road trips. We all had a good time on the way there.

The place we camped at was in an animal park, so we had to go through that animal park where they have cheetahs and leopards, etc... to get to our campsite. They had a cattle grate where we drove in and I guess there was an electric fence around somewhere, but I never saw one.. so, in my mind, it's a wonder we weren't visited by any large cats. :)

Gordon took the picture above on our first morning there... I, on the other hand was still sound asleep in my tent. No way am I waking up at sunrise on vacation! But I am glad that he did, otherwise we wouldn't have this gorgeous picture!

Our lovely campsite. Thanks to Gram for the gazebo. :)

Our campsite was visited by several animals, not including leopards or cheetahs. There were a ton of monkeys trying to snatch up oranges and chips every chance they could get. This trait being where they get the adjective "cheeky" from. And above is a picture of a bushbok that came right up to our campsite... not many of them came so close, but I guess this one was used to being fed, even though that was against the rules.

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