Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Election Day - SA 2009

Today was election day here in South Africa. You may have heard about some of it.. we only get liberal news networks here, so the only network I've heard mention the elections here (other than the SA news) was CNN. Most people believe that the ANC (African National Congress) will win this year's election.. again. Their leader, Jacob Zuma, has been accused of rape and 783 counts of corruption. Many of these accusations have been dismissed so far, but he is still under investigation. Most of the population will vote for the ANC because they were the most influential party (or organization then) that put a stop to Apartheid. Aparatheid oppressed the black population of South Africa for many years. For this reason, many of the people here will turn a blind eye to what wrongs Jacob Zuma has done and still vote for the ANC.

There are 42 parties on the ballot, including: the DA (Democratic Alliance), COPE and ID.

All over town on every single lamp post there are tons of campaign posters. Below is an example.

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Amy said...

By the way... the ANC did actually win the elections.... :( But there really is no suprise there...